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Are you a parent or parent-to-be with big career / professional ambitions who doesn't quite know how to juggle it all and would love some ideas and inspiration about this?

Do you want to ensure that your career / business enhances your goals and dreams for your family?

Are you a new mama on maternity leave who is starting to worry (or even panic) about how you are going to balance your new role as a mum and your responsibilities / passions in your working life?

Are you a parent who doesn't want to go down a spiral of resenting either family or career, but wants to enjoy both simultaneously... and do so aided by quality tips / articles / Facebook Lives / podcasts etc (and have fun in the process)?

Do you want to be the first to know about podcasts, online group classes and programmes and one on one opportunities... all designed to challenge and support you when it comes to creating a life you love?

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I'm Gina Visram... an award winning careers professional and an incessant advocate for work life blend on your terms. The Creative Career Solutions for Parents reflects my belief that we can achieve our goals on a variety of fronts and create a family-friendly career and life... and I know that being part of this community will make the journey all the more real (and enjoyable!).

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